Don't Get Sick From The Food You Eat: Part 3

Don't Get Sick From The Food You Eat

Here’s how…

You can get sick when you eat foods that are not safe.  This can harm you or your baby.
If you eat unsafe foods, you may get sick, days or weeks later.

Cook your meat well.  Don’t eat:

  • Undercooked meat, poultry, fish, or eggs
  • Uncooked hot dogs or paté
  • Stay away from cold cuts from the deli counter (such as bologna).  Heat all deli meats and hot dogs until they are steaming hot

Before you cook or serve fruits or vegetables:

  • Take away the outer layer of the leafy vegetables
  • Wash fresh fruits and vegetables under running water with clean vegetable brush.  Take extra caution with melons.  Wash thoroughly and store uneaten melon in the refrigerator.

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