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Pregnancy is a special time in a woman's life. Janet Vadaparampil, MD, Rodolfo Rey, MD, and Guillermo A. Gomez, MD, at Magnolia OB/GYN Clinic provide outstanding obstetric care and pregnancy-related services at locations in Riverside, Perris, Lake Elsinore, and Moreno Valley, California. The practice offers routine exams, screenings, laboratory tests, and family planning consultations. You can also get access to specialized obstetric services. Magnolia OB/GYN Clinic has the obstetrics expertise you need for a healthy pregnancy. Call today or schedule an appointment online.

Obstetrics Q & A

What is obstetrics?

Obstetrics medicine focuses on pregnancy and childbirth. OB/GYNs have the training to provide care during and after pregnancy. Your OB/GYN can offer guidance from conception to birth, as well as postnatal care. 

During your pregnancy, Magnolia OB/GYN Clinic performs regular health screenings. Your provider also checks your baby to make sure they are developing on schedule. If a problem occurs, you receive the care you and your baby need. 

When should I start seeing an obstetrician?

The best time to start seeing an OB/GYN is before you become pregnant. Magnolia OB/GYN Clinic works with you to optimize your health before conception. The providers offer guidance, so you can plan out your pregnancy and get pregnant when you want.

If your pregnancy comes as a surprise, prompt medical care is essential. Magnolia OB/GYN Clinic can provide support and advice. First, they confirm your pregnancy and determine how far along you are. Next, they explain what you can do to protect your health. 

Report your pregnancy to your provider as soon as possible. Magnolia OB/GYN Clinic can let you know what steps to take after a positive pregnancy test. They also schedule your first prenatal visit and ultrasound. 

How often will I see my obstetrician during pregnancy?

If your pregnancy is progressing normally, you can expect to see your provider:

  • Every 4-6 weeks for the first 32 weeks
  • Every 2-3 weeks during the 32nd-37th weeks
  • Weekly from the 37th week until delivery

But if you develop complications, you may need to see your provider more often. Women over 35 and women who are carrying multiples may need more frequent visits, too, because they have a high-risk pregnancy. 

During each visit, your provider lets you know how your pregnancy is progressing. They discuss any concerns or health risks that may impact your pregnancy. Your provider also tells you when you should schedule the next appointment.

What other care does obstetrics provide?

During your pregnancy, you receive regular ultrasounds and laboratory tests. These tests help diagnose health problems early on. Prenatal tests can determine if your health is at risk or if something isn't right with your baby.

If your rest results reveal a problem, your provider will help you decide on the next step. They can help you get in touch with pediatric specialists if necessary. 

Your provider also uses information collected during prenatal visits to make recommendations for your delivery. Most women can give birth vaginally, but in some cases, a C-section may be safer. Magnolia OB/GYN Clinic helps you create a birth plan that meets your needs. 

Magnolia OB/GYN Clinic delivers ongoing care and support. If you're expecting, call the office today or schedule an appointment online.

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